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Fruit Syrups

Fruit syrups are made by dissolving sugar in pure fruit juice. The amount of sugar added depends on how fibrous, juicy or seedy the fruit in question is. For this reason the juice from the fruits should always be measured, and two parts sugar should be added to each part fruit juice. After the syrups are made, they can may be stored for an extended dime in bottles. However if they will be stored for long, the bottles should be washed well and then left to dry for around 6 hours, either in the sun or next to a stove. Otherwise the syrup can ferment and cause the sealed bottle to explode.

These syrups can be used with any kind of pudding, ice cream or tart, or diluted 3:1 with water.

Raspberry Syrup


1 kg raspberries
1 ½ kg sugar
6 gr citric acid or 2 T lemon juice



Juice the raspberries by mashing well in a large pot, then press through a sieve fine enough to catch the seeds.  To this juice/pulp add the sugar, and bring to a rolling boil.  Add the lemon juice or the citric acid dissolved in 2T water, and boil further. Remove from heat and remove any foam, then bottle and seal.

Çilek Şurubu


1 kg strawberries
1 ½ kg sugar
6 gr citric acid or 2 T lemon juice




Proceed in the same manner as for Raspberry syrup, above.

Rose Syrup


300 gr rose petals, white tips removed
1 lt water
1 ½ kg sugar
3 T lemon juice



Put the rose petals and water into a pot and simmer covered for ½ hour. Add the sugar and boil until completely dissolved. Add the lemon juice, and boil for another 30 seconds, then remove from heat.  Remove any foam, then strain the syrup and put it into bottles, seal.

Morello Cherry Syrup


1 ½ kg morello cherries
1 ½ kg sugar
2 T lemon juice



Remove stems from cherries, and mash well in a pot to extract juice. Pour into a sieve to remove seeds and pulp into a pot. To this juice, add the sugar. Bring to a rolling boil and cook on high heat for five minutes. Then add the lemon juice, boil 30 more seconds, and remove from the heat. Remove any foam, pour into bottles and seal.

Cornelian Cherry Syrup



1 ½ kg ripe cornelian cherries
1 ½ kg sugar
2 T lemon juice


Prepare the same way as morello cherry syrup, above.

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