Agricultural Tourism
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Ecological Farm Stays

This type of tourism started by the non-governmental organizations throughout the world and Turkey followed the lead by becoming partners with these NGO’s.  The aim in this project is to bring the farm owners and the end users together, to learn from each other, to exchange ideas and experiences as well as finding out about each other’s needs. It is important to strenghten the relationship between the two ends and increase their awareness and responsibilities.

These farm stays are categorized under agricultural tourism. The visitors help the farm owners with their mission to keep up with ecological production and sustainability by doing various daily tasks around the farm in exchange for food and accomodation.

There are organizations worldwide that brings the prospective volunteers and the farms owners together. Both sides benefit greatly through their joint efforts, exchange of ideas, and experiences.  It becomes a very important responsibility for the volunteers to share their knowledge and experiences with others, protect the natural sources and keep the sustainability and the biological diversity.  

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