Phases of Turkish Cuisine - Ottoman Cuisine
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Phases of Turkish Cuisine - Ottoman Cuisine (1299-1923)

Turks, who broke off and came from the nomadic culture in central Asia, as well as having obtained some things from the cuisines of the countries in which they had stayed also enriched the cuisine with the specıal features they brought them. In rememberance of the civilizations established in Anatolia before them. But the most important aspect of Turkish cuisine is to bring enlightment by eating of the produced food in their own structure just like the way bees make honey from flowers.

Accordıng to findings; the first cookbooks were encountered in the Ottoman period. Besides some dictionaries giving recipes and a few medical books the first cookbook is Tabh-i Etimme estimated that Sirvani had translated from the Kıtabut-Tabih from Arabic in the 15th century. Agidiye Risale was prepared by the grandson of the head of the religious order, Pasmakcizade Abdullah Efendi in the 18th century and Yemek Risale by an unknown writer. These are the writeen works which call attention. According to the findings, Melceu’t Tabbahin prepared by Mehmet Kamil in 1884 is the first cookbook published by stone press. After this work, various cookbooks have been published till the Republic period.


Nevin Halıcı; From Sini to Tray, USAŞ, istanbul 1999 (p.8)


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