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Blackeyed Peas

A member of the bean famıly (Fabaceae), in Turkey they are used in various ways: fresh like green beans and fresh shelled like green peas, but mostly in their dried form. See: Fabaceae.


A member of the family Fabaceae and originally from Central America, beans are grown in nearly every region of Turkey. There are many varieties; some of those used green in Turkey include Çalı (bush), Ayşekadın (Madame Ayşe) and Boncuk (Bead). Fresh beans are used in cooked dishes as well as in pickles and in jams. Dried beans, which are the seeds of mature bean plants, are one of the basic staples of Turkish cooking. There are many different manners of preparation from region to region, each with its own characteristic flavor. Dry beans may be prepared with cubed or ground meat, with pastırma or alone.

Chick Peas / Garbanzos 

A type of legume (Fabaceae), it is mostly used in its dried form, though it is also sometimes eaten fresh. See Legumes.

Fava Beans 

A member of the bean family, (Fabaceae) with a straight taproot. In addition to the green or mature beans, some varieties such as Sakız, Sultani and Bayrampaşa are eaten young the same way as green beans. Fava beans are raised in nearly every part of Turkey. The dry beans are also used in various dishes; one of these is Fava, made from a puree of cooked dried favas.


A member of the bean family (Fabaceae), peas have been known since classical times. The seeds, or the seeds along with the pod are eaten; it is mostly  used fresh, and canned rather than dried. It may be used in salads as well. 


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