Introduction Ingredients
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Clearly nourishment is vital for every living creature to carry on with their lives.  Eating habits and the ingredients that make up the culinary culture is directly related to the geographical location therefore the soil structure and climate.

The nomad Turks from Central Asia acquainted with many new products upon their move to Anatolia. Over time they entegrated these products into their own cuisine.

The great variety of ingredients grown or found within the Turkish geography have enabled  Turks to develop many different types of food products. Whether they were invented out of a need or simply to make use of the surplus products they each have been a great addition to the Turkish culinary culture. Yogurt, “kurut” (dehydrated yoghurt), “pastırma” (salt cured beef), “cevizli sucuk” (the jelly-like candy with walnuts in the center) are some of these products unique in Turkish cuisine that are still consumed in the present.


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