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The Famous Foods and Drinks of Kastamonu

10- Anakız Çorbası:

11- Anakız Pilavı:

12. Biryan:

13- Tirit:
A type of bulgur pilaf.

14. Üryani Eriği Hoşafı:
A compote made from the local “Üryani” variety of plums.

15. Pelverde:

16.- Kızılcık Ekşisi:
A thick paste used as a souring agent, made from seeded, strained and boiled down cornelian cherries. A similar product is made from blackberries as well as plums and apples, with varying degrees of sweetness.

(Source: Rafiye Tan. 78 years old. Housewife. Addresd: Kastamonu Merkez Sazibey Mah. No: 30)


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