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Cuisine of Tokat

Çalma Pekmezli Piliç – Chıcken Wıth Çalma Pekmez

1 village chicken
100 gr çalma pekmez
Juice of 1 lemon
1 T apple vinegar
1 t pepper paste
1 t tomato paste
1 T dry plum water
10 cloves garlic, crushed
Kosher salt
Red flake pepper to taste

Divide the chicken into 6 pieces, and make longwise slits to the bone. Mix the rest of the ingredients and allow the chicken to marinate in this mixture for at least 6 hours. Cook on a grill until done and browned. Serve hot.

Düğü Tavası – Bulgur Flour With Ground Meat


1 c fine bulgur or bulgur flour
2-3 onions
2-3 tomatoes or 1 T tomato paste
2 T clarified butter
Ground meat the size of two eggs

Chop onions and sauté in the butter. Add the meat, then add the tomatoes and allow to simmer. Add bulgur and 2 c water, and allow to cook until the bulgur is soft and the consistency is like a moist pilaf. Serve with tomato and pepper pickles.

Bakla Dolmasi – Stuffed Vıne Leaves Wıth Broad Beans


3 c dry hulled broad beans
1 c fine bulgur and cracked wheat, combines
6 medium onions, chopped
2 T butter
1 T vegetable oil
1 kg grape leaves in brine
1 ½ kg mutton back meat, cut into matchbook-sized pieces
2 T pepper or tomato paste
2 medium tomatoes
1 bunch dill
1 ½ T chopped red basil
1 t red pepper
1 t salt

Place the broad beans in a broad pan. Add four of the onions, chopped, 1 T paste, the basil, salt, dill, finely chopped tomatoes, and wheat/bulgur mixture, mix well. Stuff this filling into the drained and washed vine leaves. Arrange 3 leaves on the bottom of a pot, over this, arrange a layer of the meat, and arrange the stuffed fine leaves over the meat. Put the pan on very low heat.

In another pan, melt butter and oil, and sauté the finely chopped 2 remaining onions with the remaining 1 T paste. Add enough water to cover the dolma, stir, and pour over the dolma, then cover and simmer for 2 hours on low heat.

Erikli Yavan Dolma – Dolma With Prunes


2 cups bulgur flour
6 large onions
3 T butter
1 t vegetable oil
1 ½ kg brined vine leaves
1 ½ c seeded prunes
2 t red basil
1 12 T tomato paste
1 t red pepper
1 t black pepper
1 ½ t cumin
1 t salt

Moisten the bulgur flour with 1 c water. Mix in the chopped basil, 4 of the onions, and spices. Stuff this mixture into the vine leaves, rolling them thin and long, the size of a little finger. Line the bottom of a broad pot with grape leaves, and arrange the dolma over them. Between each layer of dolma, place a layer of prunes.

In a separate pan, heat the oil and butter, and add the remaining 2 finely chopped onions, and sauté with the paste. Add water and mix, then pour this over the dolma in the pot just to cover. Invert a plate slightly smaller than the mouth of the pot to hold the dolma in place during cooking. Simmer for 50 minutes.

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