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Lecture Videos on Cuisine
"Culinary Aspects of Olive Oil"
Dr. Zeynep Delen Nircan
"Olive and Olive Oil Culture on both sides of the Aegean Sea"
Dr. Evangelia Balta
"History of Wine in Turkey"
Murat Yankı
"The history of “Mantı” revealed"
Aylin Tan
"Turkish Coffeehouse Culture"
Prof. Dr. Cemal Kafadar
“Traditional Turkish Confectionery - Desserts”
Priscilla Mary Isin
"Traditional Turkish Confectionery - Sweets"
Priscilla Mary Isin
“Turkish Coffee”
Dr. Nihal Bursa
“A General Look Into Turkish Cuisine”
Engin Akın
"Ottoman Confectionary"
Priscilla Mary Isin


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